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From Teacher

You have got talent!  Continue to develop it and share it with the world. – Your piano teacher, Mary Turner

From Students

I began learning piano with Praveen towards the beginning of quarantine. It started as a fun way to pass the time but quickly grew into a passion nurtured by Praveen’s eloquent teaching skills. Because I had heard Praveen play the piano before beginning our lessons, I knew how passionate he sounded and felt while playing classical music. Through Praveen’s teachings of key signatures, time signatures, scales, and structure of major and minor scales, I have grown to love the complexes that come to form sheet music. The main thing that impressed me about Praveen’s teaching was his passion and drive for piano, shown through his excitement to teach me. I was inspired by the example he set, and this only caused my excitement to learn more. Because learning piano is no easy task, Praveen is always very encouraging whenever I do not understand something, allowing me to grow and thrive. I highly recommend Praveen for his passion for teaching. -Fiona Henry

Praveen was an outstanding piano teacher. He helped me refine the skills I already knew and taught me the skills I needed to know so I could be proficient in piano. We even tried to compose some pieces together. Praveen had a natural act for writing music as well as teaching. Definitely recommend him to anyone trying to pick up the piano, he will not let you down. -Michael Lafata 

I came to Praveen as a student returning to Piano during quarantine after almost two years of not playing or taking lessons. It was very discouraging at first to realize how hard it would be to get back to the place I was when I quit but Praveen was very patient and encouraging with me which motivated me to keep going. We slowly eased back into playing starting with the basics and quickly I was able to pick back up with some of my old pieces. During these difficult and isolating times with the help of my friend and teacher, Praveen, I was able to return to piano and find some joy and solace in music. -Catherine Biglaiser

Praveen is a very talented individual. As an older brother/role model and teacher, he has shown every character trait of a well rounded and smart person. I know Praveen since a young age and can say that he has taught me a lot. One thing for sure, piano was always his natural talent. From Brampton, to North Carolina, and Toronto whenever I see him, I get to hear his piano skills. He has a variety of different songs played from classical to modern. There was a performance I went to and saw him play a modern song which really caught my attention and since then,  I wanted to play just like him. After leaving my previous piano teacher, I have gotten the experience to learn piano under Praveen and I can say these were some of the most fun yet educational months of my life. I got to learn a song I always wanted to learn and step a side from classical and move into modern songs. He has taught me to love to play the piano just like he does with his hard work and passion. As a teacher, he has really taught me the most I can know about the piano. As an older brother, he has taught me that when you work hard you can achieve so much and always continue to work hard. I know that Praveen is going to accomplish many more musically and educationally by the way things are going and I would just like to thank him for being an amazing teacher so far. Praveen is a very talented and passionate musician and individual that many can look up too. -Ethan Sanjay Thirumal 

A very talented teacher with a great passion and heart. Praveen is a very nice teacher, who can improve anyone’s skill with his type of teaching. He is a great brother, role model, and teacher. I can guarantee you that you will learn so much when you learn piano with Praveen. The passion he has really makes me get the real passion and energy he has. He really just gives you the mindset you need whenever you learn. He is most definitely a great role model, as he shows that anyone can live up to their full potential. The lessons he takes really ignites me to live up to my full potential, and gives me a real heart when I play the piano. While learning the piano with Praveen, you will definitely enjoy it too. When I learn from him, I always get positive vibes that make me feel like I have many abilities, and I am always able to excel and chase my piano learning dreams. Overall, Praveen is a very good teacher with a good heart and passion, so I would recommend taking his piano lessons to learn at your highest potential. -Dylan Thirumal

From Parents

Praveen taught my high school daughter to play the piano with care and patience. He has the unique ability of encouraging, while challenging his students recognize their innate musical talent. It is obvious that Praveen has a passion to share his love for the piano with others.  Praveen’s charisma, coupled with his extraordinary knowledge, is the ideal combination for anyone who is fortunate enough to take lessons from him! -Nicole Henry

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